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Confused about getting some private medical insurance but don't know how to start? When it comes to private medical insurance there are a lot of policies and products in Sri Lanka offered by various providers. As a result, it can be a little bit confusing to choose the right one for you. Our rightBETA Travel guide to private medical insurance will hopefully put you in a position to make the right choice.

Why buy Medical Insurance
Private medical insurance insures that you and your family will be secure in the fact that if you are sick or need medical attention you will be looked after quickly, comfortably and given a greater choice in where and when you get treatment.

For inatance, if an operation is needed there will be no delay due to waiting lists, with a prompt date given for the operation to be carried out. The same goes for any X-rays or scans that may be required. Private medical insurance offers a choice of hospital times to suit and even choice of specialist surgeons. Other advantages include unrestricted visiting hours in a private room with TV, and a choice of food.

Choosing the right policy for you requirements will depend on the level of premium you are willing to pay to meet your needs. Premiums can vary from no frill schemes ( Low cost) with limited cover to more comprehensive schemes. When comparing private medical insurance it's good to get to grips with some of the treatment and attendance jargon. An in-patient is when you stay a night or more while receiving treatment or investigations. An out-patient is where you go in for treatment or tests but do not stay overnight. A day patient or sometimes referred to as ‘day care' or ‘day case' is when you go in for treatment or tests and do not stay overnight. The difference between out and day patients are that as an out-patient, you are generally in hospital for a shorter time. Most policies will provide for in-patient and day-patient care, but not always out-patient.

Generally included in your cover will be: in-patient tests, surgery and hospital accommodation and nursing if required. Occasionally cover will stretch to things like out-patient tests, out-patient consultations with a specialist, overseas cover and the like.

Ready to invest in some medical insurance what next.
There are numerous companies offering private medical insurance. So It’s worth shopping around.

You will have to fill in an application form and once that is processed, your policy will be active. Be sure to check you are happy with the policy. If not tell your insurers immediately if something is wrong or you are not happy about. Some policies will allow for a ‘cooling off' period where you can change your mind and get a full refund within a defined period.

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