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Follow the following steps to cut the cost of your motor insurance

The rising cost of settling personal injury claims, insurance fraud and uninsured driving is pushing up the cost of motor insurance.

1. Shopping around.
Motor insurance deals in Sri Lanka remains very competitive, with premium rates varying between companies. So it is often worthwhile to get quotes from different insurers, using an insurance broker, or a comparison website. But make sure that you don’t just buy on price, but on the policy that meets your needs.

2. Use an insurance broker.
Keep in mind that there are insurance brokers, who offer a less premium than the original company price. This is truly legitimate as they are prepared to pass their commission onto their customers.

3. Make your vehicle secure. Premium discounts are often available if you have an approved alarm fitted – an insurer can advise on suitable security devices. And having your car garaged overnight may also reduce the cost as well.

4. Pay a higher voluntary excess.
Increasing you excess (the first part of any claim that you pay yourself) can mean you pay a lower premium.

5. Limit the vehicle’s use. Using your vehicle for business purposes puts up the cost so, if you can, limit its use to social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

6. If you are a young driver,
Consider taking precautionary measures as some insurers may offer lower premiums if they are satisfied of your patience, experience and competence.

7. Pay the premium in one go. If you can afford to, pay the premium upfront in one go as you may be charged more if you pay by installments.

8. Choose a lower powered car.
If you change your vehicle, think about the insurance. Insurers take into account a vehicle’s engine size, so a lower engine size will mean a lower premium.
Click here to find motor insurance according to their engine size.

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