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Compare Hotel and Travel Funds in Sri Lanka

It is a pure fact that we as Sri Lankans inherently have got over a decade of experience within the Sri Lankan holiday industry. Hoteliers irrespective of their scale in Sri Lanka are getting ready to cash in when tourist arrivals increase rapidly in the post war era. Tourism in this tropical-island nation was one of the industries hit hardest in the past and today it is one of the fastest growing industries as well.

Compare Your Fund Manager
 in Sri Lanka
Fortunately, now there are fund management companies taking care of your interest in this sector. In nutshell, you don’t need to own a hotel or a holiday resort to reap the harvest after the war in this sector. These companies operate and manage funds. These Funds invest in quoted public companies especially in the Hotels and Travel Sector to get the best advantages.

There are many companies in Sri Lanka operating in this industry such as Aitken Spence Hotels, John Keells Hotels, Asian Hotel & Properties and Taj Lanka Hotels and so forth. Some fund management companies even operate tailor-made funds in the top tourism companies due to their the management skills, operational standards, marketing philosophy and the financial leverage.

Enjoy Your Tax Free Profits
It is important to note that these funds are and should be licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka. Unit trusts are tax-free investment vehicles regulated by the SEC to protect the interests of investors. Unit Trusts, also known as Mutual Funds enable investors (Private or institutional ) to acquire expert fund management skills so that you can have a diversified portfolio to mitigate risks. Your investment size is negligible as these fund management companies have various funds to suit your requirements regardless of the size of your investment (Whether it’s 1,000 Rupees or 1 Mn Rupees).

Certain unit trusts are termed as Open-ended and enable you to exit at any time. However, bear in mind that they can charge a small exit fee when you decide to leave the fund.

Compare Before Your Decision
We, at have tabulated the main components of such funds so that you, as an average investor, are able to make informed decisions as to what fund you should invest your hard earned money in. Don’t forget to compare before your decision as you might be better off in taking this course of action than regretting after a certain period of time with a particular fund, which is not delivering the performance targets they agreed to deliver when you joined.

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