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Compare Venture Capital Funds In Sri Lanka

Without appropriate and adequate funding, a new business is unlikely to survive. Cash is the oxygen that enables a new business to survive and prosper and is the primary indicator of business health. Whilst a business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, without cash it will die.

Funding is needed for a whole range of commercial reasons such as start up costs, purchase of assets, working capital, to fund a particular project or to fund the growth of the business

There’s a wide range of venture capital options available to new business start-ups and newly formed businesses in Sri Lanka.

Compare the best venture capital deals in Sri Lanka
Venture CapitalistInvestment StagesFund SizeInvestment FocusProceed to get more
Early StageGrowthExpansionLater StageConsumer ProductIT and TelecomEnergyHealth Care

300Mn SLR

Be clear what you want. Yes the funds are obviously important but a venture capitalist can provide a wealth of experience as well as access to technology partners, introductions to new clients, mentoring and guidance to young companies, or the experience and contacts to expand overseas. It is often the non financial aspects that determine the route to take.MORE DETAILSSoon
Lanka Ventures
Lanka Ventures
500Mn SLR

Appoint a professional advisor. You need to optimize your chances of success. Most entrepreneurs who approach Venture Capitalists for funding are turned down. There’s a structured process to go through, competition for funds is fierce and VC’s can play hardball to get the deal they want.MORE DETAILSSoon

Blue OceanBlue Ocean
350Mn SLR
You need a compelling business plan to initiate meetings and discussions with a number of VC’s. The plan should be ambitious but realistic, credible and concise. Importantly, it should be delivered by introduction rather than sent or emailed cold. This will be arranged by your funding advisor.MORE DETAILSSoon

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