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How to get a better three wheeler Leasing Deal in Sri Lanka

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Purchasing a three-wheeler in Sri Lanka is an exciting option as opposed to other modes of transport. Your entire savings are sometimes invested into a three-wheeler if you consider purchasing it outright. However, there are various other financing options available. This is where we, at rightBETA comes in to the picture. Out three wheeler comparison table offers you first hand comparative information even before you choose your desired provider

How to finance
There are several financial institutions in Sri Lanka that provide financing for three wheelers. By choosing the best leasing partner, you can buy a brand new three wheeler. You can even get to buy a used three wheeler with an auto loan. Several auto financing companies offer three wheeler financing at affordable rates in Sri Lanka.

Environmentally Friendly Models
In addition to the diesel engines, three wheelers are also available with CNG engines and LPG engines, which are considered to be environmentally friendly. Three wheeler maintenance can effectively increase their performance. You must follow the basic three wheeler maintenance tips in order to ensure proper functioning Of your asset. Regular checking the engine oil, removing dirt from the braking system and checking the level of brake fluids and proper check of the air pressure of the tires would certainly enhance the useful life of your earning machine.

Safety Tips
Your knowledge about the safety measurements is of paramount importance for the safety of the vehicle as well as the occupants. You should know in detail about all the rules and regulations of driving on the Sri Lankan roads to enjoy hassle free driving of a three wheeler.

The following documents will be requested by your leasing provider. So better be prepared.

• Photo copy of Your National Identity Card
• Proof of Address (Electricity bills, Water bills, Telephone bills, etc.)
• Grama Seva Niladhari Certificate
• Salary Particulars and Letter from Employer (if applicable)
• Two Guarantors if applicable

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