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Savings on Credit Card Balance Transfers In Sri Lanka

Balance Outstanding on your existing credit card is SLR 100,000. According to the credit card agreement, you have been paying default interest at the rate of 30% per annum.

Current Credit Card Balance=SLR 100,000.00
Interest @ 30% for 1 year=SLR 30,000.00
New Credit Card Balance=SLR 100,000.00
Interest Rate @0% for 6 mts=SLR 0.00
Interest Rate @20% for 6 mts=SLR 10,000.00
Balance Transfer Fee=SLR 0.00
Savings Expected=SLR 20,000.00

Total Savings for the first year after the balance transfer will be
SLR 20,000.00
So, why not transfer your Credit Card Balance Today
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