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Growth Funds in Sri Lanka

What are Growth Funds

Investment objectives of many growth funds is to achieve capital growth on a medium to longer term by investing mainly in quoted equities. This will be achieved by investing in shares of companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The investment decisions will usually be taken by market capitalization figures. Even though these funds will normally invest in equities, corporate debt instruments ( such as Debentures), securitized debts, bank deposits, treasury bills and treasury bonds, around 80% to 90% of the fund value will be invested in listed equities whilst the rest will be in a mixture of all other instruments including cash and cash equivalents. Some growth Growth Funds in Sri Lanka are listed below.

  • Eagle Growth Fund
  • Century Growth Fund
  • Namal Growth Fund
  • Namal Amana Equity Fund
Minimum Investment
The minimum investment (Also known as subscription) that will be required by these funds will be Rupees 5,000 even though some funds will need Rupees 10,000. This means as an investor, if you need to buy units of these funds, you will have to make an investment of this figure initially.

Tips About risk factors
These funds will basically be invested in quoted equities. Even though consideration is given to the shares of sound companies with good corporate governance practices, these funds will carry the risks of capital depreciation (Instead capital appreciation) depending on stock market movements. Though the managing companies attempt to make every effort to avoid permanent capital depreciation, possibility of making losses than your original investment is unavoidable.

Due to these reasons, these funds will carry higher risk rating and should therefore be suitable for the adventurous or very adventurous investors with a risk appetite of over 68.

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