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Corporate Debt Securities

The All share price index comprises of all companies listed on the Colombo stock exchange whilst the MPI comprises of 25 companies and they are selected after careful consideration of their performances over the past years.

Search for fund management companies and unit trusts that invest in the shares of these listed companies

Corporate debts include commercial papers asset backed securities and other debt securities issued by listed companies.

These fixed income securities provide regular income for the investors as the rate of return is fixed in most cases.

Search for fund management companies and unit trusts that invest in the corporate debt securities of these listed companies

Desire to achieve enhanced yields by investing in government debt securities and government guaranteed securities.

Why not look at the funds that invest in Treasury Bills/Bonds including reverse repos.

If you are a moderately cautious investor and are thinking of investing in funds that manage your money with the deposits held in banks, these are for you.

Search and compare the funds that suit your liquidity requirement.

The funds that invest in more securities than only one category available. This is the most efficient way of achieving a higher return compared to the risks taken.

Go here to search for funds offering this type of return in Sri Lanka

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